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  • .... has certainly worked for me...ES
  • I have gotten so many referrals I now work FULL TIME as a mobile notary...ME
  • I started getting calls almost immediately upon joining ...KK
  • I have received several responses to my web page (during the first week)...MC
  • I just joined and I am getting more calls than I can handle…AJ

WHY DO I NEED U.S. Mobile Notary?

  • U.S. Mobile Notary is the oldest (since 1996) and largest Internet organization exclusively supporting and promoting the Mobile Notary business.
  • Members proudly display the Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP) ® designation, a registered trademark
  • Customers search our Internet site for Certified Mobile Notaries Public (CMNP)® by ZIP CODE or CITY
  • U.S. Mobile Notary creates, hosts and supports your personal mobile notary public web page with links to locations you select
  • Clients call you directly - NO split fee to U.S. Mobile Notary
  • "How To Be A Successful Certified Mobile Notary Public"© informational course explains in plain language how to start, expand and succeed in your own Mobile Notary business
  • Millions of customers come to U.S. Mobile Notary first for Certified Mobile Notaries Public (CMNP)® because we save customers valuable time and money by listing ONLY Mobile notaries who have demonstrated that they are qualified, ready, willing and able to serve.  Other internet directories include notaries who do not travel and inactive notaries.  We do not.
  • Exclusive Member support via email or phone
  • Americans have become more security conscious.  Our available laminated official U.S. Mobile Notary photo ID badge helps meet your customers need to identify the stranger at the door.
  • No doubt about it, U.S. Mobile Notary is your Best Advertising Value

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  • Consider only Certified Mobile Notaries Public (CMNP)®, listed as current members of U.S. Mobile Notary.
  • Gold Star U.S. Mobile Notary members have served 10+ years
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