Will U.S. Mobile Notary membership work for YOU?  Here's a note from the President....

Back during the dawn of the internet age (1996), we began to wonder if this strange, new communication form
(the internet) could somehow, someday be used to help expand the mobile notary business.  After much trial and
error, we were able to design the first nationwide membership directory exclusively dedicated to the business of mobile notaries.  That same year we welcomed our first public member, expanding to our current nationwide coverage including most states and 1000s of cities and communities.  Today, as in the beginning, mobile notaries are the reason U.S. Mobile Notary exists.  Since its’ creation in 1996, U.S. Mobile Notary has had one purpose and one purpose only.  GET MORE BUSINESS FOR OUR MEMBERS!

U.S. Mobile Notary has pioneered many important and valuable areas of interest to Mobile Notaries Public, including;

1)     U.S. Mobile Notary is the world leader in MOBILE Notary Public business promotion on the Internet, including personalized member web pages with millions of hits annually,

2)     U.S. Mobile Notary was first to offer a simple to understand guide for the Mobile Notary Public and Mobile Loan Signing business (How To Be A Successful Certified Mobile Notary Public©).  Upon completion of this course you are eligible for the Certificate of Completion

3)     U.S. Mobile Notary was the first to recognize the need for and offer a designation indicating the Mobile Notary Public has qualified to join the ranks of professional Certified Mobile Notaries Public.  This designation, Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)® is a trademark registered with the U.S. government and widely recognized as the prestigious symbol of the best Mobile Notaries Public anywhere.  ONLY members of USMNA qualify for the Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)®  designation.  

U.S. Mobile Notary - always FIRST and BEST in creating mobile notary business opportunities.  It’s as simple as 1-2-3

        1.      BEST PRODUCT

        2.      BEST SUPPORT

        3.      BEST VALUE

Thank you for your interest in U.S. Mobile Notary and we look forward to working with you for many years.

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U.S. Mobile Notary awards the Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)® designation to qualified member Notaries Public.  The designation Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)® is registered with the U.S. Federal Government and is solely the property of U.S. Mobile Notary.  Unauthorized use of this registered trademark is prohibited and will be prosecuted.  All contents of this web site copyrighted by U.S. Mobile Notary

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  • Locate a qualified Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)® ANYWHERE in the USA
  • Consider only Certified Mobile Notaries Public (CMNP)®, listed as current members of U.S. Mobile Notary.
  • Gold Star U.S. Mobile Notary members have served 10+ years
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