This agreement is between U.S. Mobile Notary and applicant.  The parties hereto agree as follows;

US Mobile Notary is a voluntary association established to promote the sound practice of Mobile Notary Public responsibilities and to provide the public with speedy access to and information about Certified Mobile Notaries Public (CMNP)®.

Applicant hereby requests U.S. Mobile Notary membership.  Even though only real persons commissioned by a USA state regulatory agency as a Notary Public can be U.S. Mobile Notary members, U.S. Mobile Notary will list  both the members real name as commissioned  and business name on their U.S. Mobile Notary web page.

This agreement is only a membership application until such time when U.S. Mobile Notary notifies applicant that their application for membership has been approved.  Membership shall commence on the date of acceptance.  U.S. Mobile Notary may unilaterally cancel or refuse membership renewal for any member at any time by returning the prorated portion of the unused membership fee.

U.S. Mobile Notary membership includes the following;
  1. Your contact information on a U.S. Mobile Notary designed and hosted web page
  2. Location Links of your selection linked to cities or county of your choice
  3. Use of the registered trademark designation Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)®  during U.S. Mobile Notary membership
  4. "How to be a Successful Certified Mobile Notary Public" informational course

All monies will be refunded if application for membership is not accepted

Applicant agrees to abide by U.S. Mobile Notary "Code of Ethics" and by the rules and regulations governing the conduct of persons commissioned as Notaries Public by their state agency that regulates notaries public. 

I agree to notify U.S. Mobile Notary immediately if my contact or commission information changes. 

Membership in U.S. Mobile Notary conveys no authority to perform Notary Public acts.  Authority for Notary Public acts is administered by the regulatory agency in the commissioning state or jurisdiction.  Check with your local regulatory agency for regulations governing Mobile Notaries Public. 

Members may resign their designation and membership at any time by giving USMNA™ written notice at the then current mailing address of U.S. Mobile Notary.  No refund shall be due.  Membership renewal or continuation is at the sole discretion of USMNA™ and subject to payment in full of all open invoices. 

In the event of litigation to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable legal costs from the non-prevailing party. 

This agreement is governed according to the laws of the State of California.

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U.S. Mobile Notary awards the Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)® designation to qualified member Notaries Public.  The designation Certified Mobile Notary Public (CMNP)® is registered with the U.S. Federal Government and is solely the property of U.S. Mobile Notary.  Unauthorized use of this registered trademark is prohibited and will be prosecuted.  All contents of this web site copyrighted by U.S. Mobile Notary

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